Saturday, October 14, 2017

Instalar pygame en anaconda

pip install pygame
sudo apt-get install timidity

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

TeXStudio configuration

En TeXStudio->Options->Configure->Commands:

LaTeX: latex -src-specials -synctex=1 -interaction=nonstopmode %.tex

DVI viewer: okular --unique %.dvi#src:@?c:m.tex
PS viewer: okular --unique
External PDF viewer: okular --unique %.pdf#src:@?c:m.tex
Ghostscript: gs -r150 -dGraphicsAlphaBits=4 -dTextAlphaBits=4 "?"
Preview scaling: 100% 

Y en el archivo .tex escriba al inicio el modo de compilaciĆ³n deseado:
% !TeX program = txs:///dvi-ps-pdf-chain

Default compiler: txs:///latex

% !TeX program = txs:///dvi-chain

En Okular -> Settings -> Configure Okular -> Editor
texstudio %f -line %l


Trucos varios:

  • Dele buscar... Ctrl+F en la ventana con el PDF... el entonces busca la palabra tanto en el PDF como en el .tex
  • Ctrl+click en cualquier lado busca la palabra al otro (de texto a PDF o de PDF a texto. No funciona con DVI)
  • Si le da shift+click en Okular, salta inmediatamente al respectivo lugar en el .tex
  • To permanently save the language of the file TeXstudio supports a special "magic comment" % !TeX spellcheck = de_DE. If this comment is present in a file, its language is automatically set when the file is loaded.

  • TeXstudio also allows block cursors. Press ++ and drag the cursor with the mouse. The block cursor works like a set of normal cursors. You can copy and paste text as usual. Also you can type in new text, which will be added in every row.

  • If you select something and then start to type in a command and complete it, the selection is put in as first argument. E.g. you have a "text", select it and start typing "\textbf", command which is completed. The resulting text is "\textbf{text}" 
  • TeXstudio automatically detects the root document. If that does not work, you can place a magic comment % !TeX root = root-filename at the top of your included files.


Header recomendado del .tex

\WarningFilter{latex}{Text page}
\WarningFilter{latex}{Float too large}

   paperwidth=170mm, % 216-10-6 ... 216mm size letterpaper
   left=8mm,  %% or inner=23mm
   right=2mm %% or outer=18mm